Metu NCC

Northern Cyprus Campus (NCC)

Middle East Technical University (METU)

Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (ODTÜ)


Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (ODTÜ) / Middle East Technical University (METU) established its first international campus in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) in the year 2005. The foundation law of this campus was passed in 2003. It is the first overseas campus of any Turkish university. Construction of the campus was funded fully by the government of Turkey. The initial investment was $135 million which included $100 million for infrastructure and $35 million for operations.

Educational Standards

Northern Cyprus Campus is attached to Middle East Technical University in all academic and administrative matters and operates under the same educational standards and policies applied at its home campus. Thus, Northern Cyprus Campus provides yet another opportunity to study at a high-ranking university, committed to the development of critical and creative thinking, self-discipline and motivation, leadership, and confidence in students, and to graduate them with the ability to communicate and cooperate effectively and to adapt to new challenges and circumstances as well as with entrepreneurial skills and ethical standards.

Northern Cyprus Campus graduates receive their diplomas undersigned by the METU Rector together with the home campus graduates at the METU Graduation Ceremony held in Ankara, Turkey, and become part of the network of METU alumni comprising over 140,000 members.

The Campus benefits from the 65 years of experience and expertise of METU, delivering a rich and challenging education with an inspiring selection of courses and innovative research opportunities. METU prepares new generations of leaders who possess a global mindset.


METU NCC offers undergraduate degrees in the following disciplines

  • Economics, Business Administration, Political Science, and International Relations
  • Education, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and Psychology
  • Engineering: Aerospace, Computer, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial, Mechanical, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Software
  • Minor Programs in 12 disciplines
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics

It also has Master of Science programs in

  • Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • English Language Teaching

METU NCC has scholarships available for Pakistani students depending on need and aptitude. These range from 25-100% of the tuition fees.

Student Population

Approximately 3,150 students currently study at METU Northern Cyprus Campus. In its short history, more than 1,600 students have graduated from METU Northern Cyprus Campus, almost all of whom hold positions at institutions and organizations accredited in Turkey and recognized worldwide, by virtue of their internationally recognized METU diploma. Among its alumni, at least 30 are Pakistanis. Around 10% are international students.


The campus has 3 dormitory buildings to house the students who choose to live on campus

Built over 300 hectares, the METU NCC is conveniently located 5 km from the town of Güzelyurt. The Campus is adjacent to a valley, full of citrus orchards which extend up to the Trodos Mountains in the south of Cyprus. METU Northern Cyprus Campus has received many awards recognizing its architecture. Set in extensive greenery, it combines a peaceful living environment, enriched by aesthetic qualities of its landscape, with state-of-the-art learning, teaching and research facilities.

Research Facilities and Library

The Campus has the capacity to offer instant access to all facilities and resources needed for a high-quality research environment, including laboratories equipped with the latest technology; a library, which is affiliated with the METU Ankara Campus Library, and a rich and diverse range of electronic and online databases provided by the Library.

Sports and Cultural Activities

Connected to and involved in the local community, METU Northern Cyprus Campus hosts a variety of events at the Culture and Convention Center utilizing the full range of facilities within its modern structure. Based on the principle that learning is not confined to the classroom, METU Northern Cyprus Campus places a special emphasis on social, cultural and sports activities and makes every effort to help promote healthy lifestyle and self-development of the campus community. The Campus provides exceptional leisure facilities, including a sports center, an outdoor climbing wall, tennis courts, an astro turf football field, and an outdoor swimming pool. A wealth of diverse events organized by the Campus, as well as by more than 40 student associations, help enhance the social development of students and give them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities. The Campus offers a perfect learning environment that is enriched by diverse cultural backgrounds, life experiences and perspectives of its citizens and built on principles of mutual respect and positive engagement. This learning environment, where students are exposed to other cultures and learn from and with one another, prepares them for living and working in a global society.

Greenery, Ecology and Green Energy

For METU, the greening of the environment is a sine qua non of ecological responsibility. Using the experiences of METU Ankara, we aim to become a “Green Campus” at North Cyprus, through various practices and activities including research in related fields. The solar power plant, designed to produce 20% of the electrical energy need of the Campus, started operating in 2016. The goals envisaged and set by METU Northern Cyprus Campus include reducing the average energy consumption by a minimum of 10% in a five-year period; thereby reducing the carbon footprint as well as the solid waste of the Campus. Our greenery projects include reducing lighting energy consumption by 30%, minimizing water consumption, and “Bike First” and “Share the Road” initiatives. There is no doubt that the active involvement of students in all these activities and initiatives has been the primary driving force in creating an exemplary Green Campus.